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See what other people are saying about our Mountain View Casitas apartments! At Mountain View Casitas Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


Moved here a year ago, it’s a very nice and quiet complex. I’ve never had any problems very safe.The maintenance and office staff are very helpful and friendly. Very affordable also pretty cool that there’s two fireplaces in every apartment and a washer and dryer.



Great location,great staff


I recently just moved into this complex about a week ago. I can not stress enough how much I LOVE it. Smaller size complex, quiet, park/community center right next door for my children and I, very clean! The vauled celings in my place are AMAZING. I even have 2 fire places. Why? Not too necessary but I think it's awesome lol they even threw fresh new carpet in the place right before I came because it didn't fit their standards for move in. The rent for the space is great, floors are a little creaky on my second story but nothing too bad. Louis and Cruz(Manager/Head Matinence) have been nothing short of incredible with the few things I needed upon move in. Overall 5 star thus far!! Would recommend!


Moving in was a breeze. The complex is nice and quite, with many pet friendly neighbors. Its great that our dog has made a few new friends in the community.


Ms Yolanda did a great job and positively changed my opinion. I enjoyed living in the community. great service. good communication. quick response


MY experience has been very positive. The office staff has always helped me out. The maintenance staff have been very helpful and honest. The neighborhood is safe and the apartment ground are always clean.




Best complex I've ever had in Phoenix. Finding an affordable and safe apartment is stressful enough. Looking up areas, rates, amenities and crime is exhausting. I will confess up front the appliances are dated but they are all included and WORK. Washer, dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, stove and 2 fully functioning fireplaces. The complex is always quiet, children are well behaved and never barefoot lol. Families and good people live here. I've never felt more safe in a large complex. I've actually paid waaaay more for less. Like $1600/mo kind. In the year I've lived here, office management has NEVER been less than kind and professional. Any issues like electric pilot on the stove or AC control burning out was fixed within 24 hours. A couple tiles popped out on my bathroom floor and they fixed those too! I was still willing to give it a week but haven't had to. As long as you communicate with the staff ahead of time instead of taking the days life stress out on them, they always deliver and WILL work with you. Broke my foot last year and lived alone on the second floor. After paying rent in person, one of the staff helped bring all my groceries up to my apartment. Some experiences money just can't buy. THANK YOU TO ALL THE STAFF A MOUNTAIN VIEW CASITAS, YOU HAVE GIVEN ME A HOME.

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